Top 4 Fad Diets

Top Four Fad Diets for Weight-Loss In 2020

As the New Year seems to roll in, so many people make vows for losing weight and embracing a healthy eating routine. All the gyms in town begin to jam-pack, and the registrations with weight-watchers take an incredible hike.

With such immense motivation of losing weight and embracing a healthy eating routine, a lot of hype is earned by the fad diets – promising guaranteed weight loss and quicker outcomes.

Fad diets are highly famous among people for their incredible contribution to weight-loss vows and fantastic health benefits, yet there is no scientific authentication found for them. Moreover, they are ineffective for longer terms and nutritionally imbalanced as well.

Despite all the criticism, there are still some fad diets that are found qualitatively reducing weight with balanced nutrition and promising a healthy outlook with long-term affectivity.

The topmost effective fad diets which can help you achieve your weight-loss resolutions in 2020 can be listed as follows –

Atkins Diet – This is one of the most commonly adopted low-carb diet across the globe.

Atkins diet was fabricated by a cardiologist, Robert Atkins, back in the year 1970. He assembled certain low-carb food items – claiming to reduce excessive weight while keeping the stomachs full at the same time. It was named after the very cardiologist and is known as the Atkins diet worldwide.

Atkins is comprised of four simple stages. You need to follow them religiously and boom– all your excess weight would be gone in just a few weeks.

At first, you have to restrict the induction of carbs up to twenty grams/day for a span of two weeks, while letting in a massive amount of fats and protein. This restriction of carbs in your body transforms all the fat into ketones – the primary source of energy for your body in the absence of carbs.

Later to this phase, the Atkins diet enforces all the adherents to let the carbs back into their body – increasing five grams each time, for outlining the acute level of carbohydrates for weight-loss and its sustainability in the long run.  

This is an effective diet for those frantically willing to lose their weight and keep it sustained for a longer run!

South Beach Diet – A modified version of the Atkins diet with a more controlled induction of carbs and fats along with promised prevention from heart diseases.

Another cardiologist, Dr. Arthur Agatston, incorporated some modifications into the dietary components of Atkins and fabricated the South Beach Diet.

He was impressed by the Atkins diet, but a free allowance of fats made him concerned about his patients’ heart health. Saturated fats possess an inclined risk of heart diseases. Thus, he fabricated a diet with low-fat, low-carbs, and high-proteins, and named it after the place where he studied medicine, i.e., South Beach Diet.

South Beach begins with strict control over the intake of fats and carbs with a higher intake of proteins, but the restriction seems to decline later. In the next phases, the south beach diet lets in all types of unprocessed food items within a limited quantity while keeping the induction of protein higher since the beginning.

The higher intake of proteins amazingly contributes to the burnout of calories – far more than the fats and carbohydrates. Moreover, proteins encourage the release of such hormones, which can prevent hunger and keep your stomachs full for around 10 to 12 hours at max.

This is a highly effective diet for those willing to lose their weight rapidly as well as prevent themselves from heart diseases.

Vegan Diet – Popular most fad diet among people willing to lose weight ethically.

However, vegan diets are primarily criticized for being imbalanced and extremely animal phobic; they are the healthiest and ethical-most fad diet available in the recent era.

The fact is, vegan diets can be both healthy and unhealthy. It ultimately depends on the vegetables you’re eating and how you’re eating them. The more your vegan diet would be comprised of whole and unprocessed food items, the more chances of rapid weight-loss and healthy outlook will be there.

Vegan diets also claim to prevent heart diseases, and they are likely to come up with more sustainable weight losses in comparison to other diets.

Ketogenic Diet – Although the Ketogenic diet is termed under fad groups, it possesses an active contribution to your weight-loss goals.

A ketogenic diet primarily declines the level of insulin in your body and turn sugar from being the central fuel source into ketones. Ketones are the compounds made up of fatty acids that can be quickly burned into energy by all the organs of your body.

Ketogenic restricts the induction of carbs in your body. And when there’s no carb to burn – your body begins to burn the ketones, and that is called the process of ketosis. It is an extreme low-carb plan which restricts you to not more than fifty-grams of carbs intake a day. Unlike Atkins. It does not allow increasing the carbs over time; instead, ketogenic makes sure the continuation of ketosis in your body.

Besides, ketogenic also cut down the intake of calories even when you’re not cutting them off intentionally. This is mainly because the process of ketosis often declines your appetite, and your stomach seems to feel less hungry.

The Truth about Fad Diets The truth is, there’s nothing found on earth which can magically burn your fat and make you slim and smart within seconds. Every other diet or product is fad unless you put in all the efforts and turn them real.

If a diet or product looks great and promising, it surely would be. All you have to do is have faith in yourself and take the chance. Lastly, remember the key that losing weight isn’t difficult, these fad diets will let you do this within a few weeks, but the real struggle is to sustain the loss.

Willing to lose all the excess weight in 2020 and sustain the loss as well? – Try one of the diets above that suits you best and stick to it for the whole year!

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