Baking and Pastry 101

by Brian D. Peffley CEPC, CCE, AAC


The first demonstration here is that of pate choux.  Pate meaning paste and choux meaning cabbage.  Paste that looks like cabbage.  Which is one of the main items made with pate choux.

Cream Puffs, a rich golden exterior with a hollow center often filled with a pastry cream.  Eclairs are yet another item made with Pate Choux.  An eclair, is the same golden exterior in an long shape with pastry cream in the center and Chocolate on the top.  Yum, yet another item made are profiteroles which are smaller than a cream puff.

Pate Choux is made with liquid which can be water or milk, cream, with fat melted.  Sweetened with sugar and touch of salt to tenderize the dough.  Eggs are added slowly in a mixing bowl after the dough has been prepared.

The Pate Choux is then piped onto pans in either round or oblong shapes.  Then finished with some pastry cream and topped with chocolate.

There are occasion when the pastry is used for savory sandwiches.  Enjoy Chef Brians Pate Choux Demonstration.

Brian Peffley

Brian Peffley CEPC,CCE,AAC

Who doesn't enjoy a nice piece of pie.  The varieties are huge.  Apple, Blue, Cherry, Peach, lemon meringue, key lime, chocolate Cream, banana cream, coconut custard, pumpkin to name a few sweet pies.

Savory pies also are delicious.  To name a few favorites:  Chicken Pot, Beef Pot Pie, Meat Pie.

A Savory pie wouldn't need the sugar added to the crust.  Savory is usually a term that refers to foods that aren't sweet in nature.  Sweet referring typically to dessert dishes.

Baking is more of a science than the savory side of the kitchen.  While there are chemical reactions that occur in the savory side they usually are not as delicate as the ones that happen in the baking and pastry side of the kitchen.

As a rule of thumb,when baking, precision measuring is important as well as the way in which they are added into a recipe. 

Take a sneak peak into baking and pastry with Chef Brian.

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