The Best Camping – 101

by Patricia Williamson


A quick escape from the hustle of the city is always a good idea to reconnect with oneself and nature. In a world overrun by stress, such an escape is a truly magical way to unwind, without any kind of pressure and without much fear of being overwhelmed. That’s where camping comes into the picture, which has now become an integral part of recreation across the globe. Right from the packing to pitching a tent and staying in it, everything about camping it is astonishing.
Patricia Williamson

Patricia Williamson



Why People Camp

For the ones that seek relaxation to the ones that are fond of adventures, camping has something to offer for everyone. The opportunity for a blissful stay outdoors amidst nature is what makes camping distinct and special. Here, all that one can hear is the sound of nature and lose oneself in its serenity. People who camp knows that it’s the most ideal way to explore and appreciate the beauty of the wilderness. It can thus have a positive impact on one’s emotional health by aiding in rejuvenation.  It also allows to take a break from the sedentary lifestyle one is confined to and indulge in adventures.

Another remarkable reason to go camping is to spend time with loved ones. The scenic views and tranquil ambiance offer a perfect backdrop to strengthen the bond with the family. Even Solo travelers enjoy their own company and experience the beauty of solitude. Besides, affordability is another fascinating fact about camping which is why it is preferred by many.

The reason for camping can be different for every individual, but the ultimate goal of being unplugged from the monotonous life remains the same.

Here are the 8 attributes that Make Camping Enjoyable.


Nothing can match the joy of sitting around a campfire and spending time with loved ones. The crackling sound of the wood gives the perfect background to the conversations happening around the fire. The light and warmth that it spreads redefines relaxation. One has to experience it to believe the surreal feeling that the campfires offer. Further, the best part is that one has to collect wood for fire, which is a fun event in itself. Tinder, kindling and fuel wood has to be gathered using hatcher, chainsaw or even ropes.

Admire the Stars:

Gazing the stars is an experience that seldom exists in the modern lifestyle that we are trapped in. Camping provides an excellent opportunity where one can not only watch the stars but sleep beneath it.  The view of the twinkling little wonders makes camping an epitome of happiness. If one does not want to skip a tent, the magnificent night sky can also be witnessed from transparent tents.

Make New Friends

Meeting people with similar interests can lead to making friends for a lifetime. Camping makes it possible by allowing to meet new people and socialize with them. It can be extremely fun to chat with fellow campers and learn new things together.

Wondering why making friends during camping is easier? It’s because the interactions at a campsite are real and delightful. A camper is free from stress and worries of day-to-day life, which allows them to effectively unleash social skills. Moreover, enjoying a day with a stranger can help one gain a new perspective of looking at things. At a campsite, it’s a common practice to gather around a bonfire to share thoughts and play games.

Watch Picturesque Sunrise and Sunset Views

Another incredible aspect of camping is that it offers the most stunning Sunrise and Sunset views. Watching these breath-taking views with a loved one near is an enchanting experience. In addition to being a treat to the eyes, it also fills the mind with positivity.

It takes the campers a step closer to connecting with the beautiful mother nature.

Camp Fire Cooking

Open Fire Cooking

Cook over Campfire

The fun-filled process of cooking food outdoors over an open flame makes camping a unique experience. One can roast, grill or even cook in a pan over the campfire and relish scrumptious dishes. Further, setting up the ideal cooking fire itself is an exciting task.

Be it bacon, potatoes or cheese there are limitless delicacies that can be cooked while camping. Roasted marshmallows and corns often top the chart in popular campfire dishes.   Further, campers often take the excitement level to a new level by cooking freshly caught fish or fresh fruits. The roasting adds a flavor peculiar to the campfire dishes which makes the campers come back for more.


Camping is often accompanied by outdoor activities which makes it even more thrilling. Depending on the campsite, campers prefer to go fishing, canoeing, climbing, and even biking. An ideal camping is often rough, and campers look forward to these adventures to make the most of it.

Another great option is to look into many of the camping groups out theire.  Here are a few: KOA, National Park Service, PA. State Park Camping

Technology Detox

With the advancement of technology, staying away from mobile and laptop screens seems quite unconventional However that is what makes camping an amazing activity. It offers complete digital detox by opening the window to the real beautiful world. Instead of continuously buzzing phones, one can wake up to the chirping of birds. Moreover, instead of scrolling through social media accounts, one can spend quality time with family. The only gadgets one needs to carry here are flashlights and batteries.

Explore Nature and Breath Fresh Air:

Nature has splendid views to offer to its beholders in the form of mountains, lakes, dunes and much more. Be it spotting wildlife or berries, camping lets one explore its true essence.

A break from the regular city life is essential to freshen up and clear the minds. Apart from this, every camping experience guarantees a gasp of fresh air. The trees amidst the wilderness let one take in more oxygen as the pollution levels are low. This makes camping an enjoyable and rewarding experience at the same time.

 If you are looking for a perfect break without burning a hole in your pocket, there is nothing better than Camping. So, pack your bags, find a good campsite, and get ready to be entrenched in nature.

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