Move, Sedentary to Active

Going From Sedentary To Active

The importance of healthy behaviors and lifestyle factors to maintaining health has been recognized for centuries. The latest technological advancements have made our lives easier; however, they also have led many of us to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. Transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one does not require you to be drastic.

A sedentary lifestyle is associated with a high risk of health complications, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. All you need is to take a start from a light exercise and workout that help ease you onto the path towards excellent health. This way, your body can get in shape after being sedentary by eating healthier, changing your daily habits, and including simple exercises into your daily workout plan. As a result, it will improve your energy level and help you accomplish health goals. The article highlights some of the light exercises that you can add to your regular exercise routine to enjoy the benefits of improved health and fitness.

How to Get Started?

Preparation and planning are essential when you are getting started with a workout. You need momentum to be successful – the more you can create, it will be easier for you to stay motivated. Action is the perfect way to build and maintain momentum. It is great to consider your general fitness goals and weight-loss goals by focusing on your commitment to exercise. Also, finding success in the workout help motivate and encourage you to keep at it. Before you get started, there are a few things listed below that you need to prepare –

Record your measurements – tracking your workout progress has several benefits, particularly when you aim to lose weight. It keeps you accountable, committed, and dedicated to achieving your goals. Keeping an exercise journal and weighing yourself are the two best ways to keep track of your workout progress. Additionally, taking your measurements of hips, waist, arms, and chest will give a better idea, for instance, you may be losing inches, but your scale weight does not change. In this case, recording your measurements every week will help reassure you that you are slimming down.

Get your doctor’s clearance – if you have any conditions, illnesses, or injuries, you need to talk with your doctor or health trainer before starting your workout routine. Certain medications may affect your heart rate; however, it is important to know how that may relate to your exercise. It would be helpful for you to make a consultation session with a personal trainer to assist you in using the correct postures for different workout styles.

Prepare to workout

When it comes to toning up and slimming down, there are two key types of exercises – strength training that builds the lean muscle and helps in boosting metabolism (the rate at which your calories are burnt) and cardio that burns your calories by increasing your heart rate. The combination of both the workouts produces significant powerful weight-loss results.

Cardio workouts can be done on any cardio machine like the rowing machine, bike, elliptical, or treadmill. However, moving from sedentary to an active lifestyle, it is best to make a start with substitute cardio workouts such as cycling, running, group fitness classes, or fitness-videos.

You need below-mentioned equipment for strength workouts –

An exercise ball –is one of the best tools to strengthen the back and abs, thereby increasing stability. They are available in a different size to help accommodate your height. Make sure there should be a 90o angle at your knee joints and hip joints when you sit on the exercise ball.

Various weighted dumbbells – specific exercises require heavier weights, while others need lighter weights. Do give a try to different range of dumbbells. Light set includes 5 – 8 pounds for men and 3 – 5 pounds for women, medium set – 10 -15 pounds for men and 5 – 10 pounds for women, and a massive 15 – 30 pounds for men and 10 – 20 pounds for women.

An exercise mat – thicker mats are ideal for abdominal exercise and Pilates, whereas yoga mats are thinner and have the gripping capability to hold poses. Thicker mats cushion the spine when you are lying on your back.

Some Quick Exercises

Walking – American Heart Association mentions activities like walking, jogging, and climbing are some of the most effective and easiest ways to ease into a healthier lifestyle. Walking is a low-impact exercise that you can easily do anywhere. It helps you burn additional calories while you are carrying extra weight because you are exerting more energy and power to move your body.

Water aerobics – exercising in water can have numerous potential benefits. Water makes you feel lighter as it supports your body weight and reduces the impact on your joints. As a result, the pain you might feel in your knees or hips while moving on land is virtually nonexistent when you stand in the water. Enroll yourself in a group fitness class at your local pool and learn some resistance exercises that can be easily performed in the water.

Stationery Bike – also referred to as a recumbent bike. It has a backrest that makes it a perfect choice for the ones going from sedentary to an active lifestyle. Obese people lack a strong abdominal core, which makes it difficult for them to sit on an upright stationary bike. Incorporating both riding the seated stable and walking is a perfect way to target different muscles in the lower body.

Tips for Success

· Realize that living a healthy lifestyle is a habit and skill that you need to adopt, so approach your goals for fitness and health

· Build a support network of family, friends, or colleagues as it is more fun to do exercise with friends and you will also get the benefit of accountability

· Build a positive habit by keeping track of your daily workout activities

· Try to take a start with light exercises and don't become discouraged by focusing on what you cannot do yet. As your fitness improves, you will see a significant change as you will find new workout options more enjoyable instead of challenging.

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