Expand Your Menu: The Cooking Classroom for Culinary Programs

The Cooking Classroom series is the perfect side dish to your cooking curriculum! Ideal for culinary schools, adult continuing education programs and even high school home economics classes, our online courses bring professional-level training right to your classroom.

The flexibility of The Cooking Classroom lets you beef up your current program with all of the courses in the Aspiring Chef series, or you can simply choose from our a la carte options. From stirring up unexpected sauces to whipping up custom vinaigrettes, your students will learn basic kitchen fundamentals that they’ll execute on a daily basis, whether they’re building a career in the restaurant industry or just want to expand their at-home kitchen repertoire. Plus, all students in your program receive a certificate upon completion of our classes.

By partnering with The Chef’s Cooking School, you can elevate your program to attract new students without making a significant investment in additional staff or training. Best of all, your participants get the inside scoop from culinary artists who have spent years in the field, putting them at an advantage when pursuing or growing their own careers.

Your Cooking Classroom Courses

With The Cooking Classroom courses, your students start with the basics and build on their skills as they work their way through our online classes. All courses are led by 30-year restaurant veteran Michael Davis, CEE, and include:

Kitchen Essentials – Our eight-class foundational series has been specially designed to provide both cooking novices and experienced chefs with expert tips and kitchen must-haves that will take the stress out of cooking incredible meals.

All About Your Food – Your students will never look at their favorite ingredients the same way again! Chef Davis shares surprising ways to turn recipe staples into unexpected meals that will wow even the most sophisticated palates.

Cooking Fundamentals – Chef Davis will take your students through the seven building blocks of a successful kitchen, starting with baking and frying before expanding into skills like pickling and braising.

Cooking Fundamentals Advanced – Once participants have learned basic fundamentals, they’ll take their talents to the next level with cooking techniques that have been implemented in the world’s most famous restaurant kitchens.

We’re continually adding to our class lineup, so be sure to check back often to learn about new courses you can add to your program.

The Cooking Classroom can be easily integrated into any culinary program, including

  • Traditional culinary schools that need to broaden their course selections
  • Adult continuing education classes
  • Home economics classes
  • Community college programs
  • Team building or cooking classes in a business or social setting
American Culinary Federation Education Foundation approved program badge sitting beside the GLEAM Network Executive Mentor Badge.
American Culinary Federation Education Foundation approved program badge sitting above the GLEAM Network Executive Mentor Badge.