Online Culinary Courses for the Professional Chef

Our Aspiring Chef series is designed for those food lovers who hunger for something greater – the home chefs who want to grow beyond the confines of their kitchen and the professional chefs who want to take the next step in their culinary careers.

Mastering your craft, however, takes more than tuning into the Food Network or cramming your bookshelves with cooking classics. It requires countless hours of studying and hands-on training at culinary school, which most of us don’t have time for between work and family.

To help you reach your goals, The Chef’s Cooking School serves up bite-sized online courses that fit with your busy schedule. Studying remotely at your pace allows you to practice industry-leading techniques both at home and on the job. Each comprehensive series has been developed through years of experience, providing you with the knowledge and resources needed to run a professional kitchen and create high-end, from-scratch meals that bring guests to your table.

The Aspiring Chef series is ideal for:

  • Home chefs considering a career in the food industry
  • Experienced cooks who want to advance their career, but don’t have the time or money for traditional culinary schools
  • Professional chefs and kitchen staff who want to stay on top of the latest innovations in the field
  • Those ready to lead and guide a professional kitchen
American Culinary Federation Education Foundation approved program badge sitting beside the GLEAM Network Executive Mentor Badge.
American Culinary Federation Education Foundation approved program badge sitting above the GLEAM Network Executive Mentor Badge.

Developed and taught by 30-year restaurant veteran Michael Davis, CEE, our professional courses cover key disciplines essential for growing your skills and your career:

Kitchen Essentials

Any good chef worth their salt needs to first bone up on the tricks and tools that will make a kitchen smooth-running and ultra-operational. This series of eight foundational courses guides novice chefs through the basics of cooking and provides more experienced cooks with a refresher on kitchen must-haves.

All About Your Food

Broaden your horizons by sinking your teeth into a whole new world of tasty foods! Because the most creative menus blend the traditional with the unexpected, it’s time to really think about the foods you cook with. This scrumptious series of courses delves into everything from meats and cheeses to fruits and vegetables, spotlighting surprising ways to incorporate your favorite ingredients into spectacular dishes!

Cooking Fundamentals

If the majority of your meals involve baking, broiling or frying, get ready for a whole new world of culinary creativity! With Cooking Fundamentals, we jump into the arsenal of cooking disciplines, highlighting the seven building blocks to a successful kitchen. From pickling to braising, we share industry-renowned techniques to take your cooking skills in exciting new directions.

Cooking Fundamentals Advanced

The more you feed your knowledge of foods and cooking techniques, the better you’ll feed your guests. And because we want you to become the best chef you can be, we’ve beefed up our foundational courses to offer you a premium approach to cooking techniques and tricks that will leave diners fighting for an invite to your dinner table.


The restaurant and hospitality industry needs leaders who can meet the growing desire for incredible dining experiences, care for the guests who sit at their tables, serve up amazing dishes, and maximize their business’ return on investment. This series of courses is designed to set the right mindset for leading your kitchen staff.

  • Leading
  • Teamwork
  • Everyone Counts
  • Communication
  • Menu Planning and Excel
  • Training
  • Time Management
  • Your Team
  • The Ambassador
  • Being the Bad Guy
  • Preparing for the next day
  • Building Your Team
  • Quality Assurance

Chef-to-Chef Mentoring

Aspiring chefs can receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring from Chef Davis who possesses more than 30 years of experience working in all areas of food service, including restaurants, resorts, private clubs, B&I, conference centers, catering companies, and hospitals. You’ll gain insights into cross-industry standards, learn expectations on how to work with non-food leaders and business people, and discover how to get to the front of the race for quality, sustainability and profitability.